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Topic: Weather

Vietnam is a country of tropical monsoon. The weather is hot, wet and rainy. The average temperature is quite high. However, in Vietnam, the difference between the weather in the North and the South is very large. The North has... Continue Reading →

Topic: Love

I'm writing this topic while i'm listening to a song called "I'm still loving you" of Shiga Lin in Lan Kwai Fong film. Have you ever seen the film? It has some hot sences hahaha. The actors are very handsome... Continue Reading →

Diary 2

Tonight, i quarreled with my housemate about some problems. You know that i rarely quarrel with people although i'm angry. I won't talk to them until i forget it or i forgive them. But today,  she makes me  unendurable. She... Continue Reading →

Topic: Fashion

I think that this topic is very interesting :D. Why? Because fashion is the love of mostly girls. The difference is less or more level 🙂 Since i was a child, i have liked drawing and designing clothing patterns :).... Continue Reading →

Topic: Childhood

Do you remember your childhood? For me, it is the memorable and happy priod. My family lived in a group home at Lang Giang district when i was a child. My house was very small. But no problem :). In... Continue Reading →

Topic: Exam

Recently, we have repaired very much for our exams :(. We have much homework have to do, have many things have to learn. This semester, my mark is very bad. So if i want to have a good certifficate when... Continue Reading →

Topic: Death

My friend died about some days ago 😦 and my other friend killed himself a month ago. I don't know much about them and also never talk with them. But i'm so sad and i can't sleep because thinking so... Continue Reading →

Topic: Teacher

Today is Vietnam Teacher's day 20-11 :). Best wishes for all teachers. I hope they will be happy, successful in their life and work. Teacher is the respectable job. Not only do they teach us knowledge but they teach also... Continue Reading →

Topic: Idols

Today, i miss my mother so much :(. I haven't met her for 3 weeks. But 2 days later, i will come home and i will meet her. So happy :D. This moring, i told my friend about her and... Continue Reading →

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